I was born in Komarom, on 1970 July 26th. I have lived in Kisgeres, in the Bodrogköz region, since I was two years old. I started my secondary education at the Arts and Crafts Secondary Vocational School in Kosice, restorer department. I graduated in Hungarian Secondary Grammar School in Kosice. Then I continued my studies at the Fakulty Theology at Charles's University in Prague and at the same time I was learning Art photography at Academy of Art in Prague. I started my creative art career by taking photos - Huszar Tibor, a photo artist was my master and then later, in the eighties of the last century it was my father, Tiszai Nagy Menyhért (the Knight of Hungarian Culture) who influenced me to be engaged in art. In my first years I was looking for my locution - except my father I had these masters: Filep István, Dusan Balázs and István Roskoványi - painters, Béla Löffler - sculptor.

I confess, I like to try new techniques, to experiment. The themes of my paintings are also changing - fantasy, portrays- from lyrical portrayal till ironic grotesque illustration. I introduced the whole range of faces, but you should know that I like those people on the portrays and I paint them as I see them, with their beauty as well as their physical defects. I can't leave out the presentation of the nature, where I like extreme cases, unusual topics and illumination. I don't contemn still life, which stick to the viewer by they rich colours. I must confess, that I paint what I often see in myself processed film or what I read in books.

I am a member of the TICCE association - associates artists from Bodrogkoz and Ung regions, I am the founding member of a Hungarian Creative House in Aranyosapati, of a Creative workshop in Csaroda, I am a member of the advisory board in the Workshop Gallery in Csaroda and at the same time a member of the jury in the Gallery. I am a regular participant of the TICCE creative plainair, as well as organizer of such plainairs in Aranyosapati and in Csaroda

At the moment I live in Kistarkany, hare I am a priest in four church communities, in one of the towns there is an ecumenical church which serves for worshippers of three religions-Roman Katholics, Greek Katholics and Reform. By the way this is the only ecumenical church in this country. I also serve for the Eastern Kosice Reform diocese.

As other appreciation there is a quotation from an East Slovak "Region" cultural magazine (in which I am the chief of art). Here it is: "Enzoe - Nagy Zoltan Ocsi, is bound to his father as Bolya to Bolya, Pissaro to Pissaro. The common blood, the hereditary esprit, and many times the sameness of nature bonds them together. Of course, they are absolutely different in the composition of form and colour. With a little exaggeration we could say it is rare that in University graphic art there is this easy, anecdote type but real portrait painting which is represented by Enzoe. The stuck-up of his paintings evokes contradictory feelings from the viewers, from laughter till mourning inspiring. The vision was deliberately prepared. He wanted to became a photo artist or even a film producer. But the lenses of the camera weren't enough for him at that moment. Far over the possibilities of technology he wanted to add to his visions the work of his hands. And for that he needed a paintbrush ! That's how he become a painter. Paintings exchanged photos. His talent became obvious in his childhood: his photos were successful on exhibitions, actually he received international appreciation, price."

(Katalin Hudak, poet, journalist)